I work full time as a Senior Content Strategist for a not-quite-so-little-anymore company called Unboxed Technology. Here’s a helpful post by Erin Kissane about what content strategists do.

Over the last 5+ years I’ve had a lot of fun writing for Unboxed and our clients. While our client work is top-secret, our blog posts and case studies are officially share-able.

Here are a few I’ve penned:

Sales Training Topics: The Essential Checklist

How to Make the Case for a Social LMS

Leadership Training Topics: The Essential Checklist

Not All Training is Equal: High-Quality eLearning Matters

Guided Selling Tool Closes More Sales

Smart UI/UX Refresh and Microlearning Bring in More Green

Mobile Offers Employees the Learning Experience They Want

Enlist Your Best in Culture Change

I have also written for:

Richmond Magazine, Richmond Bride, Richmond Health, Richmond Home, V Magazine for Women, Carytown Guide, and Richmond BizSense.

Other passion projects:

During my Master’s program at Virginia Commonwealth University I completed a Directed Study called Local ESL Book Clubs as Instruments of Language Learning and Social Networking. I refer to it as my Pride and Joy.

I love poetry and occasionally write it.