I work as a Lead Consultant & Media Director for an organizational transformation company called The Frontier Project. We help employees develop new mindsets and establish new habits through our creative consulting efforts, communications support, learning and development programs, and more.

Prior to joining The Frontier Project, I worked as a content strategist for a not-quite-so-little-anymore company called Unboxed Technology. Here’s a helpful post by Erin Kissane about what content strategists do.

Here are a few of the shareable pieces I’ve worked on:

Sales Training Topics: The Essential Checklist

How to Make the Case for a Social LMS

Leadership Training Topics: The Essential Checklist

Not All Training is Equal: High-Quality eLearning Matters

Guided Selling Tool Closes More Sales

Smart UI/UX Refresh and Microlearning Bring in More Green

Mobile Offers Employees the Learning Experience They Want

Enlist Your Best in Culture Change

I have also written for:

Richmond Magazine, Richmond Bride, Richmond Health, Richmond Home, V Magazine for Women, Carytown Guide, and Richmond BizSense.

Other passion projects:

During my Master’s program at Virginia Commonwealth University I completed a Directed Study called Local ESL Book Clubs as Instruments of Language Learning and Social Networking. I refer to it as my Pride and Joy.

I love poetry and occasionally write it.