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It Happens Every Year On Christmas Eve (But This Year It Didn’t)

The Christmas season stresses me out. It forces me to add more to an already-tiring schedule. I grumble while Bryce cheerfully watches Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Despite my bad attitude and anxiety, I can count on peace to descend on Christmas Eve. Presents have been chosen, work deadlines have been hit, and scripture is read. Continue reading “It Happens Every Year On Christmas Eve (But This Year It Didn’t)”

I Was a Camp Counselor. This Should Be Easy.

We do two Thanksgiving meals: one around noon with Bryce’s family, and one around 5:00 with my family. This year–for the first time ever–I did not eat dessert at either of them. Why? Because I now have two children, and I don’t know what I’m doing. I felt rushed, a little hot, and distracted. Continue reading “I Was a Camp Counselor. This Should Be Easy.”

Dear Amber

Dear Amber,

So, today Brandon asked me to go through your clothes and take anything I like. I’ll have you know I made out pretty well! Your red heels and your pink snow boots are in good hands. Who knew we wore the same shoe size? Continue reading “Dear Amber”

Going Back to Work

It’s Monday, September 15, 2014. Both boys are at their sitters’ home for a practice day. My cell phone is next to me, and the ringer is on full blast. I return to work this Wednesday, September 17. Continue reading “Going Back to Work”

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