I’ve been thinking about a theme word for 2019, something that will serve as a reminder to me when I get busy, distracted, or listless.

My first impulse was to pick the word creativity.

Creativity in parenting. Creativity in service to my job and the clients I get to support. Creativity (painting, writing) instead of Netflix couch-sitting or social media scrolling.

For the first time in six years, our family is in a place where we can look beyond survival-mode and be a little more proactive. Bryce and I can try to take better care of ourselves and our boys.

** CAVEAT: If you are raising very small children right now, or if you’re in the midst of chaos, what you read next might tempt you to frustration! Like I said, “for the first time in six years.” Sometimes, you’re forced to lean in to the craziness and do your best despite sleep deprivation, health crises, and unexpected/unavoidable demands on your time and energy. It’s okay! **

I realized if creativity is my goal, I should pick a different word. Why? I’m much more creative with a bit more sleep and a little healthy repetition.

So I’m going with success routines

Don’t hate.

I’m not trying to make 2019 the year of “being my best self.” Don’t expect Instagrams of my abs or my skincare regimen. I’m just recognizing I am more clever and present when I acknowledge my limitations, go to bed early(er), and actually block exercise time on my calendar.

I also know my marriage benefits from a little bit of planning. Planning dates. Being thoughtful about how we’re doing.

Hyatt and Lincoln also benefit from the times I sit and prayerfully consider what they need. More rest? Less screen time? A spring season of Rockville soccer? A different style of discipline?

I know I resist discipline and routine and at every turn. But when I step up and do what I know is good, everyone benefits. So here goes—the beginnings of what I mean by success routines for 2019:

  • Better mornings and evenings
    • Daily readings as part of WEPC’s Lectionary Project
    • Prayer for our family, our friends, our city, our world
    • Quality time with the boys (rather than screen time)
    • Stretch goal: in bed by 10pm (books fine, no screens) and 7+ hours of sleep on the regular
  • Monthly workout planning, with an eye toward a mix of cardio, yoga, and strength training; and a stretch goal of doing something, even just going on a walk, 5 days a week.
  • Nutrition-oriented mindset
    • Veggies in every breakfast
    • Omega-3s on the daily
    • Green tea green tea
    • Kitchen closed after 8pm
    • Stretch goal: weekly meal planning
  • Consolidated family dashboard. As MUCH as I love rifling through papers and folders and files, it would be cool to see all of our financials, insurance info, etc. in one place. To get this done, we’re planning a little one-day organizational retreat in January.
  • Go new places.
    • Plan something fun with the boys on spring break
    • Plan something to celebrate our 10-year anniversary

That’s it! Easy, right?

Happy New Year to you and yours!