Rockville Diaries


January 2015

Nature Boys

As much as I complain about the onslaught of winter, I secretly like it. Winter is like the early morning. When I rally to experience it, I’m rewarded. It’s still and peaceful, the light and the blues and grays of the skies are different each day, and the coffee is so good. Continue reading “Nature Boys”

It Happens Every Year On Christmas Eve (But This Year It Didn’t)

The Christmas season stresses me out. It forces me to add more to an already-tiring schedule. I grumble while Bryce cheerfully watches Home Alone 2: Lost in New York.

Despite my bad attitude and anxiety, I can count on peace to descend on Christmas Eve. Presents have been chosen, work deadlines have been hit, and scripture is read. Continue reading “It Happens Every Year On Christmas Eve (But This Year It Didn’t)”

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